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At Firenze Flora, we have what it takes to create some of the mo! Whether it’s a floral arrangement in Dubai for a weddingcorporate event or birthday party, we can help turn your vision into reality with gorgeous blooms that will be remembered by all who attend. With Firenze Flora as part of your team, there’s no limit to what we can do together. The possibilities are endless!

Our team of expert designers will work with you to create beautiful flower arrangements that fit your vision and budget. No matter what type of event you’re planning, we can help! From wedding floral arrangements to corporate flower arrangements in Dubai, we’ve got it all covered for you! We also take pride in being considered amongst the top wedding organizers in Dubai.

If you want to your event to stand out from all others, then look no further than Firenze Flora. With extensive experience to our credit in creating floral masterpieces for weddings and corporate events alike, our talented design team knows how to craft unique arrangements that will take your breath away. 

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Our top Cherished Clients: The Heart of Our Success

A Symphony of Success Stories: Each client we've had the privilege to serve has contributed to our journey, enriching it with their unique stories, visions, and aspirations. It is in turning these dreams into reality that we find our true purpose.
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Meet Our Team: The Creative Minds Behind the Magic

We proudly introduce the brilliant minds behind our floral wonderland. Our team isn't just about talent; it's a collective of artists, visionaries, and creators who weave enchantment into every petal. Get acquainted with the individuals who craft wedding decorations and floral decor with sheer creativity:
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Laxman Singh Butola


"Believes that excellence isn't just a goal, its a way of life, with a unique ability to envision the extraordinary in the unexplored."

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Ranbir Singh

Operations Head

As the Event Operations Head, I'm the driving force for flawless event execution, translating visions into reality. With precision and passion, I ensure every detail aligns to create memorable experiences.

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Event Consultant -International

As an International Event Consultant, I bridge cultures and create unforgettable global experiences. My passion is turning your event vision into a borderless reality.

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Gulrukh Beg

IT & Marketing Expert

I'm the marketing maestro of the event world, harmonizing strategies to create a symphony of excitement and anticipation for each unique occasion.

Monila Arora

Wedding Consultant

In the heart of Firenze, I specialize in crafting event that are as unique as you. Let’s create your unforgettable day.


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Sales Manager

I thrive on driving revenue and nurturing client connections. With a results-driven approach.

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Sales Manager

My strong analytical skills enable me to identify market trends and opportunities for strategic growth.


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I Navigate the financial landscape to ensure sound fiscal strategies, enabling the seamless realization of remarkable events.

OUR Event Alchemists..

At Firenze Flora, event execution is an art, and behind every successful delivery stands our powerful, skilled team. They are the heartbeat of our operations, the architects of our success. We recognize that no event is possible without the dedication and expertise of our remarkable team, ensuring that each occasion is a masterpiece. They are the unsung heroes who bring every vision to life, orchestrating every detail with precision and passion. Our team is the backbone of our success, and we are proud to have them at the forefront of our exceptional service.

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At Firenze, we specialize in wedding & event floral decor. We're here to transform your wedding/event day into a captivating and elegant affair. With our skilled artisans and designers, we create exquisite floral arrangements and venue decor that reflect your unique style, leaving a lasting impression on your special day. Trust us to turn your dreams into beautiful, tangible moments."

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